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Who Should Apply for the MBA Program?

Is the MBA Program Right for You

Individuals who are interested in advancing or changing their career should consider applying to our MBA program. The Marist MBA is an accessible and advanced degree bringing in students who studied engineering, IT, human resources, and marketing in their undergraduate years. This diverse population of students creates a dynamic environment which focuses on creating meaningful interactions for peers to broaden perspectives and encourage students to think outside the box.

In today's global marketplace it is important for business professionals to have an understanding of different backgrounds. The diverse experiences of students and teachers in the Marist MBA program allow graduates to enter the professional world with skills they can use in this vast global setting.

A traditional bachelor's degree is not required to apply for the MBA program but applicants without an advanced degree must submit GMAT score with their admission materials.

Applying for the MBA Program After Completing your Bachelor's Degree

Applying to begin your Masters in Business Administration degree can be a great first step after your undergraduate career. You can take the first step toward understanding current business models and practices that are being harnessed by cutting edge companies in today's global business world.

Take advantage of the curriculum developed for the Marist MBA program and jumpstart your career with your master's degree in business. Students who graduate from the Marist MBA program leave with professional skills and business talents they would not have acquired before making them more desirable for career prospects.

Applying for the MBA Program as a Working Professional

Working professionals are highly encouraged to apply to our MBA program to further increase management skills and their understanding of business administration in the broad spectrum. As a working adult it is easy to complete an MBA degree through an array of online and traditional format classes allowing graduate students to create a course sequence that fits their personal and professional needs. The Marist MBA program is structured for part-time students and offers online classes which are available 24/7.

Our MBA program offers concentrations in Ethical Leadership, Financial Management, and Healthcare Administration and a focus on business analytics is infused throughout the MBA curriculum. Interested applicants have a selection of various broad topic business issues to choose from in their studies and can create an MBA degree to suit their career aspirations.

To begin your application process, visit our Admissions page or contact us to learn more about the Master's in Business Administration program.