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School Psychology Graduate Assistantships

  • All applicants to the MA in School Psychology program are automatically considered for a graduate assistantship award.
  • Tuition waivers of $4,500 are available for accepted students. Most students are invited to continue their Assistantship for their second year, saving you $9,000 on your tuition.
  • Examine cutting-edge research and presentations of our current faculty and students.

Explore testimonials of students who have participated in Graduate Assistantships:

"I chose to participate in the Graduate Assistantship program because I knew it would enable me to research topics that were interesting to me and allow me one on one time with the professors in my program to build my skills as a school psychologist." ~ Dana Harsch, MA '17

"During my assistantship, I have become a better writer and critical thinker. When I was writing for The New York School Psychologist and preparing for my state and national conferences, I had to really think about my ideas and see if they would make sense to those who are familiar and unfamiliar with my research. Both the assistantship and graduate program have helped fuel my passion for school psychology since I have learned that I can be an eclectic practitioner based on my diverse interests. All of my experiences within this assistantship and program continue to motivate me to pursue a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology or School-Clinical Psychology." ~ Paul Vespo, MA '19

"Through my assistantship, I was given the opportunity to connect with Dr. Stone, whose interest aligned with mine. We conducted research on New York State school psychologists to examine reported levels of mindfulness. Results showed that those who reported higher levels of mindful awareness also reported higher levels of life satisfaction, more compassion for oneself and others and lower levels of perceived stress. I was able to present this research at the New York Association of School Psychologists’ Conference 2017 in White Plains, NY. This was an amazing experience and provided me the opportunity to further my professional development as well as network with school psychologists throughout the state." ~ Julissa Marcano MA '19    

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