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Housing & Residential Life

Residence Areas

Marist College prides itself on providing state-of-the-art residential experiences for all students. The College provides housing for over 3,300 undergraduate students in corridor, suite, apartment, and townhouse style residences.

Students are housed using a 'rites of passage' philosophy, which recognizes that a student's developmental stage should be supported by their living environment. Therefore, first-year students are housed in residence halls designed to promote social interaction, and staffed with individuals trained to work with first-years and their specific adjustments.

As students move from first-year to senior year they are housed in more independent living environments (suite style, townhouses and apartments) which helps to prepare them for their eventual move out into the world following graduation. Along the way they acquire certain freedoms and responsibilities that will help them develop into mature and responsible citizens.

Off-Campus Housing

The Office of Housing and Residential Life compiles a listing of available rental properties in the local area solely as a convenience to our community and offers this service to all students and staff. Learn more about off-campus housing >>