Campus Living

Fulton Street Townhouses

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Second and Third Floor Plan pdf icon
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Resident Director Bethany Procopio x4142 Fulton 1E
    x3613 New Fulton Archway
Resident Assistant Office   x4142 Fulton 1E
Resident Assistants Lauryn Strake 1-Block
  Rebecca Butcher 2-Block
  Tenzin Tsundu 5-Block
  Angelina Zacharias 6-Block


Fulton Townhouses quick facts:

  • Eight single occupancy bedrooms, a living room, dining area, kitchen, and two bathrooms
  • Four bedrooms and a bathroom are on the second floor, and four bedrooms and a bathroom are on the third floor
  • Four two-story units are available with four bedrooms and a bathroom on the ground level and an additional four bedrooms and a bathroom on the second level
  • Units are completely furnished, including curtains
  • Each unit has a washer and dryer
  • Air-conditioned
  • Residents are responsible for their own cooking, as well as the cleaning of the townhouse
  • The minimum dining plan that sophomore students living in the Fulton Street Townhouses can choose is the Apartment 20 Meals + $225 Thrifty Cash
  • Two full sized refrigerators supplied by the College
  • Microwave permitted in kitchen area (700 watt maximum)
  • Refrigerator allowed in bedroom (3.6 cubic feet maximum)
  • Students 21 years of age or over are permitted to consume alcohol in the privacy of their own townhouses
  • Smoke-free residence area