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Eligible Programs and Discounted Pricing for Academic Partnerships

Marist's Corporate and Organizational Partners

Tuition discounts exclude any graduate or adult undergraduate degree and certificate programs that are already discounted. The MS in Physician Assistant Studies and Physical Therapy (DPT) degree programs are not eligible for the partnership discount. For all new degree and certificate programs, Marist will determine partnership discount eligibility at the time of release. Please contact the Graduate Admission Office for more information about eligible programs, pricing and additional benefits you may be eligible for. Books, fees, and all related expenses are the responsibility of the student. These reduced tuition rates are not retroactive and cannot be paired with any other Marist College discounts or scholarships.

Graduate Programs Eligible for the Partnership Discount:

Graduate Programs Already Discounted:

Graduate Programs Not Eligible for Discount:

To apply for admission to any graduate program, please visit the Marist Online Graduate Admission Application.

Adult Undergraduate Programs Eligible for the Partnership Discount:

Adult Undergraduate Programs Already Discounted:

  • Paralegal Certification (Weekend Only)

Undergraduate Programs Not Eligible for Discount:

  • All Campus-Based 5-Year Programs

Discount Pricing Information

Please review our detailed explanation of the current discounted pricing for academic partnerships to learn more.

To apply for admission to any adult undergraduate program, visit the Marist Online Adult Admission Application.

*Indicates programs that are also available in an online format.