Integrated Marketing Communication

IMC Course Format

How Are the IMC Courses Formatted and How Long Will It Take to Complete the Curriculum?

The online course format of the Integrated Marketing Communication program allows students to complete their degree while accommodating the working hours of professionals. There are a total of 10 courses for a total of 30 credit hours which students will be required to complete for their degree. Full-time IMC graduate program students complete the degree in as little as three semesters; part-time students may take up to three years, depending on the number of courses they take each semester.

Courses run on a schedule of two, eight week rounds each semester. Full time students and part time students are also able to take courses over the summer as part of the two, six week rounds offered. View course offerings and descriptions here.

Full-Time IMC Students

Full-time students typically take four courses through the fall and spring with two in each round and complete two courses over the summer with one in each round. Full-time students who begin in the Fall are scheduled to complete their degree program the following summer.

The IMC program is offered online which allows students to attend full-time in an asynchronous format to complete classes when it's convenient and allowing students to continue their careers.

Part-Time IMC Students

Part-time students typically follow a smaller course load each semester taking two courses in the Fall and Spring with one in each round and one course in the summer of each year of their degree program in whichever round they choose. Part-time students are scheduled to complete their program in two years.

The part-time program is designed to fit the needs of working professionals who want to advance their career while maintaining their working status. Consult your academic advisor to decide which course schedule is best for you. You can also view sample course sequences to plan your schedule ahead of time.

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