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Internships and Career Opportunities

Internship and Job Placement for IMC Master's Degree Graduates

Companies seek our Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Master's degree graduates because they are prepared for leadership positions and have the analytic and strategic skills to become both generalists and specialists. Marist's M.A. in Integrated Marketing Communication provides the foundation for graduates to obtain careers and internships in a range of positions in corporate marketing departments, advertising/digital/marketing/media agencies, and public relations companies.

Marist College's offers a vast range of career and internship networking opportunities for current graduate students and alumni. Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) graduate students are able to gain industry knowledge through internships, career fairs and networking with industry professionals. IMC Master's degree students have the option of attending interview seminars where they can learn about common interview questions and attire.

Through the Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Master's degree program at Marist College graduate students will be able to purse in demand careers in advertising account management account planning, public relations, marketing research, brand management and interactive marketing.

As a graduate student earning your Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) degree, you can continue to work with the Marist College career services and advisement office to evaluate the direction of your career, refine your resume as well as prepare you for the interview process.

As an M.A. in Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) alumni, you have continued access to the career services available through the college to aid in your ongoing career development. Alumni of the Marist College M.A. in Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) program also have the opportunity to partner with career services to share their professional experiences and career advice with current Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) students.

Internship Opportunities

Internships are available to qualified students on a non-credit basis.

Career Opportunities

Individual job listings may be available for only a short period of time.