Integrated Marketing Communication

Who Should Apply?

Applying for an Integrated Marketing Degree

The Integrated Marketing Communication Degree at Marist College is designed to teach students expertise in a global communication marketplace. The program focuses on studying the different channels of interactive marketing and how business' can develop the best marketing strategies to keep consumers connected to their information. Working marketing professionals and students who have just completed their Bachelor's degree are encouraged to apply to this professional program to further their career aspirations.

Earning an IMC Masters Degree after Completing Your Bachelors

The Marist College IMC Master's degree program encourages students who have studied advertising, public relations, and marketing in their undergraduate career to apply for the graduate program in integrated marketing. Professionals who have secured jobs in these sectors, as well as corporate communication and brand management, will also benefit from a graduate degree in IMC. Although the program prefers students who are currently progressing toward professional marketing careers in these areas, they also accept students looking to make a change to a career in the Integrated Marketing Communication field.

Apply for an Integrated Marketing Communication Degree as a Marketing Professional

Marketing professionals who are currently working in the field of advertising, brand management, public relations and/or other marketing fields who are looking to advance their career are encouraged to apply for the Marist College Integrated Marketing Communication program. In addition, students who are interested in the marketing and communication field who may be looking for a career change are encouraged to apply as well.

The IMC Master's degree at Marist can take a marketing degree or career to the next level with a cutting-edge curriculum that accounts for today's hyper-targeted technology-heavy marketing strategies. Marketing professionals who are looking to gain a greater understanding of the role technology plays in today's industry would benefit greatly from a Master's in Integrated Marketing.

The IMC Degree is for Both US and International Students

Students outside of the Poughkeepsie, NY area are encouraged to apply for the M.A. in Integrated Marketing Communication program. Our IMC program is taught in an online format to allow students from all over the world to earn a marketing masters degree from Marist. This diverse setting allows students and teachers to interact with different ideas and perspectives around the nation and world. The networks students create upon graduation only serve to further our graduate student's ability to thrive within the Integrated Marketing Communicationworkforcee.

Unlike many graduate programs, the Marist IMC program encourages recent graduates of an accredited college or university to apply for the IMC program. Interested students don't have to wait to advance their careers; they can begin their journey today. Applicants to the IMC program must hold a bachelor's degree from an appropriate undergraduate institution.

Contact us to learn if the Marist IMC program is the right fit for you. At Maris,t we offer a complete online full and part-time Integrated Marketing Communication curriculum.