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Master of Public Administration (MPA)

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Master of Public Administration Degree for Police, Firefighters, and EMT/Paramedics

First Responders Take 50% Off Your MPA From Marist

As a way to say "Thank You" to our first responders, Marist is offering 50% off your Master of Public Administration degree. Further your  career with a NASPAA-Accredited MPA Degree from Marist - and get it for half off. 

The Marist College School of Management has offered the MPA degree program since 1980, and for more than 20 years has partnered with emergency services personnel to bring the same program online to their respective departments. 

The professional staff at Marist strives to bridge theory and practice in and outside of the classroom. Graduates of the MPA program apply their educational experiences as a way to further their careers in emergency services, criminal justice, and law enforcement.

MPA Program Distinctions

  1. Master of Public Administration graduate school students are uniformed and civilian employees working in careers such as law enforcement, fire prevention, emergency medical services, or criminal justice careers.
  2. The NASPAA-accredited Marist College MPA program is part of the distance education learning program, available 100% online with no residency requirement.
  3. Master of Public Administration graduate level classes start 5-times per year in January, March, June, August, and October and are offered in an 8-week, accelerated schedule. 

An MPA Degree for Emergency Management Careers

Emergencies happen in an instant, requiring emergency management experts to plan and enact the proper response. A Marist Master of Public Administration helps prepare students to deal with situations and crises requiring quick thinking. The MPA program was developed for public managers who are interested in advancing their knowledge in the field. Students will become effective forces in their positions, making ethical management-level decisions. 

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image of josepg sinagra Joseph A Sinagra, MPA ’14

Police Chief, Saugerties Police Department, Saugerties NY

“I realized after I was promoted to the position of lieutenant that I needed to increase my academic portfolio and professional knowledge if I wanted to advance any further in my career. Only Marist offered a program with a proven track record and an established relationship with law enforcement. I also found the flexibility of the program was perfect for an adult learner who was still very entrenched in the labor force and at the same time raising a family.”



image of thomas fitzgerald Thomas Fitzgerald, BA ’96, MPA ’21

Captain, City of New Haven Fire Department, New Haven CT

“I would tell anyone considering Marist that it is absolutely a decision they will not regret. The classes are flexible, the tuition is reasonable, and they have three campuses in NY state plus online classes so it is convenient for anyone to pursue a Masters degree. The Marist MPA program has opened many doors both educationally and professionally. It certainly helps anyone who wishes to lead an organization by providing tools that make you a well rounded person who can lead from the front.”



image of james warin James Warin, MPA ’21

Emergency Services Clinical Coordinator, Valley Health System, Ridgewood, NJ

“The graduate experience at Marist has enhanced my career, as it has allowed me to not only prove to department leadership that I am capable of contributing to the success of the department, but given my education and experience, that I am a qualified candidate for future leadership opportunities within the department and/or the organization.”




image of Michael Bonse Michael Bonse, MPA ’20

Deputy Commissioner, New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services, Albany, NY

“Pursuing my MPA at Marist was one of the best decisions for my personal and professional growth.  Throughout my classes, I was able to choose research topics to directly address many of the contemporary issues facing law enforcement and community leaders.  In addition, the professors encouraged me to leverage the training, knowledge, and experience I gained in over 20 years in public service to help develop innovative and creative solutions by using sound ethical decisions and critical thinking to build community trust.  This real-time practical application is one of the strengths of the program.
A Marist MPA is a launch pad for many of our state’s emerging leaders.  Today, I am using much of what I learned during my MPA studies to help create policy and inform decision-making to enhance public safety and improve the quality of our state’s criminal justice system.”