New Faculty Help Kick Off Fall Semester

Anthony Proia, Director of Media Relations

A dynamic cohort of new full-time faculty spanning all six academic schools has joined Marist for the 2023-24 academic year. The College is focused on a student-centered approach to teaching and learning, and faculty is empowered to teach, advise, and mentor our students. The contributions of these faculty members will elevate and expand the educational experience for Marist students and the impact of the College’s teaching and research. 

“As we welcome our new faculty, our goal is to foster an environment where their knowledge, experience, and expertise seamlessly converge with Marist’s reputation for academic excellence. These are accomplished experts in their respective fields, and we firmly believe that Marist students will thrive as a result.”

-- Dr. Addrain Conyers, Assistant Provost for Faculty Development

Today, you’ll meet the new faculty. Can you tell they had some fun during their orientation?





School of Liberal Arts

School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

  • Quinn Austermann - Professional Lecturer of Education
  • Qiang Chen - Associate Professor of Sociology and Social Work
  • Darren Cosgrove - Assistant Professor of Social Work
  • Olga DeJesus-Diaz - Assistant Dean of Teacher Education/Associate Professor of Education
  • Yumika Ogawa - Associate Professor of Psychology & Program Director of Clinical Mental Health Counseling
  • Samantha Sayegh - Visiting Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice

School of Computer Science and Mathematics

Image of new faculty.

School of Communication and the Arts

  • Mengqi Gao - Assistant Professor of Games and Emerging Media
  • Scott Miller - Professional Lecturer of Fashion
  • Anthony Millero - Professional Lecturer of Fashion Merchandising
  • Malgorzata Oakes - Assistant Professor of Studio Art
  • Arzu Karaduman - Visiting Lecturer of Media Arts
  • Paul Qaysi - Visiting Lecturer of Art and Digital Media
  • Mario Roman - Visiting Lecturer of Fashion History and Costume
  • Kyle Webster - Visiting Lecturer of Communication

School of Science

School of Management

  • Luke Fesko - Assistant Professor of Economics
  • Muzi Liu - Assistant Professor of Marketing
  • Meghana Vaidya - Assistant Professor of Finance

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