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Throughout the Marist campus and the surrounding Hudson River Valley, you'll find an extensive community of college, student, and local opportunities to participate in music and the arts. Marist offers a robust catalog of academic programs in art, fashion, music, and theatre, as well as a wide range of non-academic options that all students can engage in. 

Transformational Experiences in the Arts

In art, music, fashion, and theatre, Marist provides extensive high-impact experiences for all students outside the classroom.

  • Art students create their own exhibitions in the Steel Plant Art Gallery
  • Marist Theatre organizes and runs plays and musicals each semester
  • Music majors and non-majors alike participate in 15+ student- and college-run music ensembles
  • Fashion students annually produce the elaborate Silver Needle Runway Fashion Show
  • Students in all areas of the arts embark on exciting local and global adventures. Watch the video to see the Marist Singers travel through Austria.

Florence, Italy Campus: A Global Center for Music and Art

Offering a wide range of academic programs in Art History, Digital Media, Fashion, Fine Arts, Interior Design, and Studio Art, as well as a Master of Art in Museum Studies, Marist's branch campus in Florence, Italy is an ideal location for Marist students to immerse themselves in the arts. All of the programs offered at Marist’s branch campus are designed to build on the unique strengths of Florence and to treat the city and cultures as extensions of the classroom.

Academic Programs

At Marist, students have numerous ways to incorporate their artistic interests into their academic experience. We offer a wide range of majors, minors, and concentrations in art, fashion, music, and theatre. Browse academic programs below.


Facilities That Support the Arts

At Marist, we ensure our facilities are designed to be supportive of all student and community endeavors, including student and College efforts in the arts. Our Steel Plant building offers art and fashion studios, an art and exhibition gallery, a 3-D printing studio, and a makerspace, while our Fusco Music Center and Nelly Goletti Theatre provide ample rehearsal and performance spaces for music and theatre groups. Click any of the images below to view the gallery. 

Steel Plant

Fusco Music Center and Nelly Goletti Theatre

Summer Pre-College Programs in the Arts

Marist not only offers programs in the arts for our college students, but also for high school students in our Summer Pre-College program. With new programs being added each summer, high school sophomores and juniors are given the opportunity to explore potential college majors while experiencing student life and earning college credit. View our current Summer Pre-College courses in the arts below, or browse all Summer Pre-College options >

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