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Adolescent Education in Spanish and French

To be certified to teach Spanish or French at the secondary level, students must satisfy the general requirements for a teaching certification at the Secondary level as well as Spanish or French major requirements. Teacher Candidates seeking New York Certification in Spanish or French must take the Oral Proficiency Test (OPI) as well as the Content Specialty test (CST) prior to graduation. In order to prepare for the OPI students should work closely with their Spanish or French adviser or Dr. Kevin Gaugler, the Adolescent Education Coordinator for Modern Languages.

A student considering a career in Language Education must plan to spend at least one semester abroad through Marist Abroad: a full-year program is strongly recommended, since most of the gains in oral proficiency usually occur in the second semester. Upon graduation, a future teacher is expected to demonstrate a very good oral proficiency and a credible immersion in the relevant culture. A two-semester program of study abroad enhances the student's resume and often assists in obtaining a teaching position. Occasionally, educational internships abroad can also be secured in the spring semester. For further questions or concerns regarding this departmental recommendation of Study Abroad, please contact the Adolescent Education Coordinator for World Languages. ALSO, PLEASE PLAN YOUR ABROAD COURSE PROGRAM CAREFULLY WITH YOUR ADVISOR OR THE COORDINATOR.