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Weiss Language Center

The Weiss Language Center is a multimedia tech room that supports coursework, self instruction, and research in Western and non-Western modern languages and cultures. It is staffed by a select group of students that are trained in instructional technologies and that organize events to support extracurricular language learning. The Center is directed by Dr. Kevin Gaugler. The center is an integral part of our Modern Languages and Cultures department directly aiding in research and development of language learning technology and student experiential learning. It is also a place of collaboration, problem solving, creativity and innovation.

New technology, new software and a new team! For example, we have new gaming-ware including PlayStation 4s, tablets (IPad Airs), and new laptops which have an array of different learning programs and apps on them. Some of the apps are high rated video games in different languages which make learning new languages even more fun! In addition to the new equipment and software, we have a team of students with experience in different languages and will be at your disposal during the open hours. These students will host events throughout the week such as Skyping with people from other countries, game nights, conversation nights, and group viewing of televised events where people can gather and practice a language. We offer workshops targeting specific languages or specific language learning tech tools that are open to the Marist community.

We hope that these new renovations and additions to our team at the Weiss Language Center will encourage you to stop by and try something new. Maybe you'll even discover a passion for languages you did not know you had!

The language center supports language students by offering the following.

  • Language Coaches- these are advanced students and native speakers that are available to help with grammar review, essay organization, and practice of oral presentations in Spanish, Italian, French and German.
  • Events- Houses Game Night, Karaoke Night, and "Share your Story" in which students share their experiences abroad, among others.
  • Technology-Houses media equipment that students may use for coursework or research in a collaborative space.


Weiss Language Center… where languages happen.