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Italian Campuses Abroad

Lorenzo De'Medici, Florence Campus 

The heart of Tuscany, Florence is the ideal destination for those interested in studying Italian language and culture. Extraordinarily rich in history and ancient traditions, the city, with its world-famous artistic heritage, offers the student a wide spectrum of cultural events throughout the year. The Italy campus is located in ten campus buildings (totaling 4800 square meters) mainly in the lively San Lorenzo district of the historic city center. The main building, situated in Via Faenza, dates back to the 13th century and originated as a convent connected to a medieval church, San Jacopo in Campo Corbolini.

Lorenzo De'Medici, Rome Campus 

Marist-LdM opened its newest site in the heart of Italy's capital in Spring 2007. Rome is a city with an unparalleled history and a cultural diversity spanning over two millennia. The new Lorenzo de' Medici site represents a conscious decision to participate in the life, politics, and educational traditions that made Italy the seat of the western world. Rome is an extraordinary synthesis of cultures from the Mediterranean region, North Africa, Europe, and an increasingly global community. The city seamlessly fuses the macrocosm of a large metropolis with the microcosm typical of small lively neighborhoods and picturesque districts in a way that is fresh and spontaneous. It is home to world-recognized monuments and locations that have been celebrated throughout the world. Rome itself forms a unique backdrop for many artistic and cultural events such as music, cinema, concerts, and sporting fixtures. The hills, piazzas, fountains, cobbled streets, and churches are a testimony to a great heritage but at the same time provide a contemporary setting for the active social and cultural life of the thriving modern city. Spending any amount of time in the Eternal City is an experience that has kept visitors and pilgrims captivated for centuries. Whether the inspiration comes from a quiet spot in Rome's parks, from powerfully evocative ruins, from Renaissance or Baroque palaces, or from the awe-inspiring art of Vatican City, Rome continues to stimulate the senses. The unique history of Italy's capital city allows for the study of ancient cultures as well as contemporary political and international issues all within the same location.

Tuscania Campus 

In 2004, Marist-LdM opened a new site in historic Tuscania. This town is located on the borders of the Tuscany and Lazio regions of central Italy, south of Florence and not far from Rome, in the breathtaking countryside of the southern Maremma. Historically an important Etruscan city still rich with Etruscan archaeological sites and monuments, Tuscania has a population of 8,000, and offers students a human scale and a strikingly beautiful setting in which to find inspiration and realize their spiritual and creative potential. The School's historic building, located just inside one of the main gates of the ancient town, opens onto an exquisite internal courtyard with an adjacent meeting area. Besides providing students with a general range of course offerings in Art and Humanities and Italian language, Marist-LdM in Tuscania offers facilities for the specialized study of Theatre, Film/TV, and Archaeology. This site is an ideal place for a full-immersion experience.

Venice Campus 

Marist-LdM Venice, in affiliation with Istituto Venezia, offers students an opportunity to study in an historic setting in the city center's Campo Santa Margherita. The LdM Venice semester program features a range of courses in the liberal and studio arts, with an emphasis on Italian language and on the rich artistic resources of the city of Venice.