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The Silver Needle Runway (SNR) fosters a positive and encouraging community that challenges its peers in a professional setting while uplifting the next generation of leaders in fashion and beyond. SNR extends beyond the traditional associations of the fashion industry, as it continues to establish itself as a ‘laboratory of innovation’ across all creative fields. Throughout all of our platforms, SNR aims to create a digital community that champions creativity and innovation, diversity, leadership, and social responsibility. This year, our theme is called Dream. Dream is meant to evoke a release from today’s social stressors that plague our society, and explore the limitless opportunities that lie beyond our current reality. It inspires creativity, opportunity, and the world that lives within our imagination. The path of dreaming differs for each of us. Regardless of age, gender or race, there are no barriers in how one pursues their dreams. The action gives us the opportunity to ignite imagination and become a version of ourselves we only thought existed when our eyes were closed. 

It’s Time To Dream Again.