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As an extension of the SNR brand, the SNR team has created merchandise corresponding to each year’s overall theme and concept. What makes this line so unique is that all the designs featured on the merchandise are original student artwork. As a class, we spend weeks creating revisions to the merchandise and collaborating with the MPorium team to create a line that reflects SNR and will attract those within the Marist community. From designers to merchandisers, videographers, business leaders, and beyond, our goal is for you to wear these products with pride knowing that you are a part of something that is making dreams come true. Our witty sayings and simplistic designs are meant to allow the consumer to wear the products whenever and however they see fit. Each one has been crafted by the students of the fashion show production class and is just another way we have developed a creative outlet to promote the 
Silver Needle Runway. 

Check out this year’s DREAM line!

Shop SNR36 Dream Collection Here

Limited quantities will be available at the show on May 6th, 2022 


Navy Blue Zip Up Front

Navy Blue Zip Up Back

Navy Blue Sweatpants

Dream TShirt

Crewneck Front

Crewneck Back

SNR36 Tote

Dream Hat


Meet The Merchandise Committee

  • Barbara Marciano: Branding Director/Director of Merchandise
  • Audrey DeVoie: Branding Assistant
  • Jianella Zegarra: Branding Digital Assistant
  • Avenlea Russian: Sponsorships and Fundraising  Assistant
  • Grace Mulvehill: Branding Coordinator
  • Victoria Simkulet: Multi-Media Marketing Assistant 
  • Aidan Donnelly: Branding Digital Coordinator
  • Madeline Barone: Branding Coordinator 
  • Lily Malpass: Branding Digital Coordinator
  • Sophie Bouza: Digital Media Coordinator
  • Jennifer Dorsey: Staging Visual Assistant
  • Rebecca DeFrancesco: Creative Coordinator
  • Julia Granger: Digital and Video Coordinator
  • Sydney Sredniawski: Model Coordinator