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Introducing The Dreamers, the 39 students who worked collaboratively to put together the 36th Silver Needle Runway: Dream.

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Juan-Manuel Olivera-Silvera

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Julia Mazzella - Communications Director, Kaitlin Chamley - Creative Director, Sophia DiMiceli - Production Director, Alejandro Basalo - Digital Media Director, Hannah Hawxhurst - Production Director, Kelly Allen - Social Media and Website Director, Barbara Marciano - Branding Director

The Communications Team is all about creating buzz around the event and getting people in the seats for the show. We like to think of our motto as, "Pitch, follow-up and repeat!" since a large part of our job is securing coverage from local, regional, and national print and digital publications. The Digital Space is where the Communications Team thrives, as we’re always finding creative ways to get with the latest and greatest of emerging platforms and promotional techniques like TikTok, podcasts, and of course, our Through The Needle Newsletter. We work very closely with the Branding and Creative Teams to make sure everything from our brand voice to visual aesthetics are cohesive and distinguishable in the sea of competitor multi-media brands.

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Julia Mazzella - Communications Director, Kelly Allen - Social Media & Website Director, Samantha Lubomski - Communications Assistant, Siobhan Coakley - Communications Assistant, Victoria Simkulet - Multimedia Marketing Assistant, Julianna Gullo - Social Media Analytics: Planning Assistant, Zoe Fernandes - Public Relations Coordinator, Molly Jayne - Editorial Coordinator, Deniz Coskun - Multimedia Marketing Coordinator, Sarah Jacobs - Digital Communications Coordinator

The Creative Team establishes the overall theme for the show and ensures that this theme is recognized throughout all elements of the show. From there, they create all the visual content to help promote the show including photo and video shoots. The Creative Team also works to curate music, oversee and assist front-of-house production and design the layout of the runway. All things audio, video, and photography fall under our team’s belt as they work to bring to life the class’s ideas!

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Kaitlin Chamley - Creative Director, Alejandro Basalo - Digital Media Director, Delaney O'Toole - Creative Assistant, Grayce Shuker - Digital Media Assistant, Jennifer Dorsey - Staging Visual Assistant, Isabella Stock - Promo Manager, Archie Coueslant - Photo/Videography Coordinator, Maria Drametenos - Audio/Videography Coordinator, Julia Granger - Digital and Video Coordinator, Sophie Bouza - Digital Media Coordinator, Rebecca DeFrancesco - Creative Coordinator 

The Production Team handles all show logistics from months before the show, to the day of the show. Although many think their job is only done backstage and on the day of the show, there are actually months of preparation and hard work that goes into creating the Silver Needle Runway Show. They start with all of the logistics in managing the budget, recruiting models and hair & makeup artists, and working with the designers to make sure their collections are handled properly. The Production Team works alongside the Creative Team to bring their vision to life, the Branding Team to make sure everything matches the same aesthetic, and the Communications Team to ensure the community is involved. As a whole, the Production Team produces and curates all aspects of the show from start to finish.

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Sophia DiMiceli - Production Director, Hannah Hawxhurst - Production Director, Julia Bondea - Wardrobe Assistant, Kathryn Moody - Logistics and Front of House Manager, Olivia Celeste - Logistics Assistant, Grace Treshock - Model Assistant, Jessica Egleston - Wardrobe Coordinator, Elizabeth Madden - Wardrobe Coordinator, Ainsley Burns - Model Coordinator, Sydney Sredniawski - Model Coordinator

The Branding Team is in charge of all branding throughout the four teams and creating events to promote the Silver Needle Runway brand and fundraise for the show. The Branding Team works closely with the Communications Team in brainstorming collaborations and partnerships with influencers and brands in a way that’s fresh and unique to SNR! They also work together on other exciting projects like designing and selecting products for PR boxes and merchandise to sell at the show. Additionally, the Branding Team oversees all fundraising and sponsorship efforts, as well as creating a cohesive brand experience for both a virtual and in-person show. The Branding Team works closely with all teams to ensure a unique and cohesively branded experience through all platforms.

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Barbara Marciano - Branding Director, Avenlea Russian - Sponsorship & Fundraising Assistant, Jianella Zegarra - Branding Digital Assistant, Audrey DeVoie - Branding Assistant,  Maddie Barone - Branding Coordinator, Grace Mulvehill - Branding Coordinator, Lily Malpass - Branding Digital Coordinator, Aidan Donnelly - Branding Creative Coordinator

This year, SNR introduced Committees for the SNR team. Committees allow students to explore new realms and participate in projects outside of their assigned teams. This year the SNR36 Committees consist of: 

Front of House
Designer Interviews
PR Boxes
PR Activation
Special Events