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Club Sports


Over 500 students participate in 18 club sports and continue their athletic experience without the time demands of Division I Athletics. Marist’s recreation programs complement the academic and social experiences of students through the development of organizational skills, leadership qualities, and an appreciation for sportsmanship through intercollegiate athletics opportunities and community service. 

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Enhance Your Social Experience by Joining a Club Sport

Marist offers 18 club sports and regularly works with students to develop new programs based on demonstrated interest. Clubs typically practice 2-3 times per week and compete against other colleges and universities across the Northeast.



Marist Athletics is dedicated to providing cutting-edge facilities designed to promote health, wellness, camaraderie, and Red Fox spirit amongst the entire student body.

Participation in club sports and other extracurricular activities helps students earn priority points. The priority point system at Marist assigns points to students based on their academic average, involvement with extra-curricular activities, disciplinary history, and condition of their residence area. Students can earn up to three priority points based upon their level of involvement in a clubs and organizations.