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About Our Organization

The Marist College Dance Team is a club sport that performs halftime and timeout routines at NCAA Division I football and men's and women's basketball games on campus. Additionally, in the spring semester the team attends Nationals, and travels to support the College's men’s and women’s basketball teams at the MAAC basketball Championships, and post-season events, should either team qualify.

Each member of the dance team successfully completed a tryout, which is held once a year during the fall semester. Our primary styles of dance are jazz, hip hop, and pom. All the choreography is done by our captains! As a group the Dance Team engages in many on campus events to promote Marist sprit, host various fundraisers and our favorite activity we run are clinics for the Poughkeepsie community for both younger elementary aged kids and high schoolers!

The Marist College Dance Team is a family and a group of individuals that have a passion to dance, cheer, and bring spirit to everything we do on and off the field.

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Club Leadership

Captains: Stella Shortino, '24, Malia Sands, '24

  • Responsible for running practices, choreographing routines, and communicating with the Marist Athletics Department.

Secretary: Amber Fairchild, '25

  • Manages email communications and disseminates details to advertise fundraisers, clinics, and events.
  • Develops practice and game calendar that is shared with all teammates.

Treasurer: Kennedy Barnes, '25

Social Media: Mckenzie Bruno, '24

  • Maintains club social media platforms including Instagram, YouTube, and club website.
Image of the Marist Dance team performing during a football game at Tenney Stadium.

Meeting Times

The Dance Team typically practices three to four times per week from 9:30 - 11:00 pm. Additionally, football games are often held on Saturday afternoons in the fall semester and basketball games are often held on weeknights during the spring semester. We have a beautiful dance studio that we utilize for practice in both McCann Arena and McCormick Hall, and sometimes even practice at Tenney Stadium prior to football game days. A typical practice would start with a warmup and then we will either learn a new routine or polish an existing one for an upcoming game.

Earn Priority Points through Clubs and Activities

To earn one (1) point: Members must attend a minimum of 50% of club/organization meetings for the semester and 50% of club/organization activities.

To earn two (2) points: Members must attend a minimum of 50% of club/organization meetings for the semester and 75% of club/organization activities PLUS the community service event.

To earn three (3) points (executive board only): Officers must attend 50% of club meetings for the semester and 100% of club activities including community service. If executive board members do not complete all of the requirements to earn three points, they will be eligible to receive up to two points based on the above criteria.

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