School of Science

Faculty Research Interests

The School of Science's research interests page provides an overview of the primary areas of focus that our faculty specialize in. Additional details about our faculty can be found on their individual webpages. For more information about specific undergraduate research opportunities, program curricula or learning outcomes, please contact us.

Department of Athletic Training

Michael Powers (Ph.D., University of Virginia)

  • Safety and efficacy of performance enhancing supplements and drugs.

Kevin Henry (M.S.Ed., Old Dominion University)

  • Clinical outcomes assessment, and athletic training education

Department of Biology

Amy Cahill (M.A., SUNY New Paltz)

  • Evolutionary Development and Cave Biology

Paula Checchi (Ph.D., Emory University)

  • Genetic and molecular regulation of chromosome dynamics

Luis Espinasa (Ph.D., New York University)

  • Cave biology and nicoletiidae insect taxonomy.

Victoria A. Ingalls (Ph.D., University of Massachusetts)

  • Behavioral and evolutionary ecology.

Raymond Kepner (Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University)

  • Microbial ecology of aquatic and polar systems; Extremophiles; Exobiology;
  • Bacterial and cyanobacterial viruses; Protozoology; Ice-covered lakes; Freshwater ecotoxicology.

Andrew Ryder (Ph.D., Cornell University)

  • Bacterial response to environmental changes.

Department of Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Physics

Robert Balogh-Robinson (M.A., SUNY New Paltz)

  • Instrumentation and computer interfacing.

Neil Fitzgerald (Ph.D., University of Massachusetts)

  • Atomic analysis using flow through and microwave chemistry; environmental chemistry.

John Galbraith (Ph.D., University of Georgia)

  • Theoretical aspects of chemical bonding through computational modeling.

Jocelyn M. Nadeau (Ph.D., Brown University)

  • Synthesis of organic small molecules and polymers with interesting photochemical and/or electrochemical properties for the study of donor-acceptor interactions and charge-transport phenomena.

Elisa Woolridge (Ph.D., SUNY Stony Brook)

  • Mechanism and application of enzymes for biomass processing.

Department of Environmental Science and Policy

Richard S. Feldman (Ph.D., SUNY-Binghamton)

  • Campus environmental sustainability, nature preserve management, sustainable agriculture and freshwater ecology.

Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences

Catherine Newkirk (M.S., University of Bridgeport)

  • Hematology and Hemostasis; Heavy metal accumulation in plant and animal tissues and associated pathological changes.