Club Sports & Intramural Activities

Intramural Program

The Athletics Program is dedicated to the development of the whole person and the integration of ethical values consistent with the Mission Statement of Marist College. The program strives to offer Marist students the opportunity to participate in athletics activity at their level of ability and interest - intercollegiate, club, intramural, or recreational.

The Intramural and Club Sports Program aims to complement academic and social experiences with the development of organizational skills, leadership qualities, and an appreciation for sportsmanship and team effort through athletics opportunities and community service.

The primary sports that are offered here at Marist College are: Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Flag Football, and Softball with various other items available. The main goal is to be able to meet whatever sport the student-body would like to have. About 65% of the student population participates with our numbers increasing each of the last three years.

These are exciting times at Marist for the Athletic Department as a whole with the new addition of Tenney Stadium and its field-turf surface. Intramurals have reserved space nightly at the stadium from 9pm until midnight. It is there for all to enjoy and should continue to take this program to new heights.

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