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About Our Organization

Our goal is to make all commuter students feel like they are a part of the Marist community. We plan events and activities for commuter students. We are the driving force of Marist.

Club Leadership

President: Mary Rose, '22 

Vice President: Jocelyn Antonio, '24 

Secretary: Yamilet Ruiz, '23 

Treasurer: Aaminah Syed, '25 

Activities coordinator: Elvis Olivero, '25 and Jina Shah, '23 

Image of members of the commuter student council at the activities fair.

Meeting Times/Locations

Board members meet every other week in the commuter lounge or on zoom. During our board meetings, the group comes up with events to host in the upcoming weeks. We have a rule to host a minimum of two events a month for the commuter students.

Pizza Tables

Pizza Tables occur every other Wednesday at 11:00 am in the Commmuter Lounge. All you need to do is show up whenever your schedule permits and enjoy some free pizza. This is a time where you can join your fellow commuters to discuss current events, your favorite places in the Hudson River Valley, stress relievers, interesting classes, your beliefs, your favorite memories, and much more!

One-Time Programs

Stop by the Commons Lounge on almost any Wednesday during Activity Hour for fun and informative programs, games, speakers, and more! You'll find programs at other times, too. Just check your Marist email or the Marist Commuter Student Council Instagram.

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