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About Our Organization

The purpose of the Marist Pre-PA Society is to act as a resource to help those on the path to becoming a physician’s assistant. Due to the many requirements and prerequisites PA school entails, it can be easy to get lost on the path to get there. Pre-PA Society serves as a guide to keep pre-PA students on track, motivated, and supported on their journey to becoming a physician’s assistant, as well as spreading the knowledge and impact of physician assistants themselves to like-minded individuals.

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Club Leadership

President: Julia Capparelli '22

  • Head of organization. oversees and delegates tasks to all positions. 
  • In charge of scheduling, and making the final decision on club activities. 

Vice President: Colleen Selner '22

  • Assists President with all responsibilities. 

Secretary: Morgan Gianelle '22

  • responsible for outreach to club members and other necessary club contacts. 
  • Tracks attendance and club priority points. 

Treasurer: Noah Cunningham '22

  • Handles all financial affairs for the club including fundraising, maintaining budget, holding financial records, etc. 

Social Media Chair: Allassandra Lick '23

  • Responsible for Instagram posts for social media outreach and club engagement. 

Community Service Chair: Niki Rokjer '22

  • Responsible for planning community service to serve our local community and encourage volunteerism within the club. 

Event Planner: Brianna Lemza '22

  • Responsible for planning club related events. 

Meeting Times

Meeting times and locations will vary.

Earn Priority Points through Clubs and Activities

To earn one (1) point: Members must attend a minimum of 50% of club/organization meetings for the semester and 50% of club/organization activities.

To earn two (2) points: Members must attend a minimum of 50% of club/organization meetings for the semester and 75% of club/organization activities PLUS the community service event.

To earn three (3) points (executive board only): Officers must attend 50% of club meetings for the semester and 100% of club activities including community service. If executive board members do not complete all of the requirements to earn three points, they will be eligible to receive up to two points based on the above criteria.

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