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About Our Organization

The National Retail Federation Student Association (NRFSA) is a student club that is perfect for anyone interested in pursuing a career in the retail industry. The National Retail Federation as a whole is the largest trade association in the world, and has countless members including department stores, tech companies, e-commerce businesses, and dozens of others. They provide students with up-to-date information on the retail industry, scholarships, and networking opportunities with retail executives. 

Club Leadership

President: Jennifer Hamilton

  • Lead and manage the Executive Board.
  • Serve as the principal liaison with the faculty advisor, external groups and individuals.
  • Delegate and assign tasks to specific executive board members based on position requirements.

Vice President: Jacqueline Porcelli

  • Perform all presidential duties if the President is absent or unable.
  • Direct and assist executive board members and report their progress and performance on current projects to the president and faculty advisor.

Treasurer: Aaminah Syed

  • Plan budget for semesters.
  • Document and store budget in google docs so its archived properly for SGA and future budgeting purposes.
  • Keep records of all financial transactions, including receipts and managing refunds if necessary.

Marketing/Community Service Director: Elizabeth Allan

  • Create an overall social media plan across all methods of digital communication while also managing the physical methods of communication such as flyers and handouts, and managing press and applying for relevant PR opportunities across Marist’s campus in in the local area.

NRF Student Ambassador: Aldine Raso

  • Liaison between Marist Chapter of NRFSA and representatives at The National Retail Federation.
  • Meet the requirements provided by the National Retail Federation.

Scholarship Coordinator: Megan Schwenker

  • Ensure all methods of communication, including social media, the Marist NRFSA website, and all emails are updated regarding scholarship deadlines and information.
  • Communicate with professors and clubs who may be interested in promoting these scholarship competitions to their students.

Meeting Times

Meetings are planned for the first Wednesday of each month, either in person in the Student Center or virtually on Zoom.

Earn Priority Points through Clubs and Activities

To earn one (1) point: Members must attend a minimum of 50% of club/organization meetings for the semester and 50% of club/organization activities.

To earn two (2) points: Members must attend a minimum of 50% of club/organization meetings for the semester and 75% of club/organization activities PLUS the community service event.

To earn three (3) points (executive board only): Officers must attend 50% of club meetings for the semester and 100% of club activities including community service. If executive board members do not complete all of the requirements to earn three points, they will be eligible to receive up to two points based on the above criteria.

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