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About Our Organization

Marist Teachers of Tomorrow is a group of aspiring educators who are committed to encouraging students to be lifelong learners. Teachers of Tomorrow aims to create a strong sense of community between future teachers while preparing them for life in the classroom. We host a variety of events such as faculty lectures where students gain insight into being an educator in today’s world, community events for the children of Poughkeepsie, and school supply drives for local schools. Our positive club atmosphere can be seen in our generous and welcoming members who strive to become better educators and learners.  

Club Leadership

President: Katie Konigsberg 

  • Plans general meetings, and creates PowerPoint presentations
  • Contacts supervisors and principals of surrounding districts for events 
  • Maintains communication with Marist’s Dean of Education and TOT Club Advisors 

Vice President: Abigail Angelini 

  • Assists President with his/her duties 
  • Contributes to event planning 
  • Maintains the smooth running of events and meetings 

Secretary: Kaitlyn Demeritt 

  • Sends emails to club members through iLearn about upcoming meetings, activities, and events 
  • Responsible for attendance (swipe/sign in) 
  • Club Dash event evaluations 

Treasurer: Joe Keane 

  • Submits allocations and other financial forms 
  • Manages apparel payments 

Webmaster: Mackenzie Goode 

  • Keeps members informed through all social media accounts 
  • Manages/updates the iLearn page and the club website 

Meeting Times

As we are still in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, our meetings are being hosted via Zoom. We are planning these meetings to be held on Tuesday evenings at 9:15 pm. The following are meeting dates for the remainder of the semester:

  • October 6 
  • November 10
  • December 1

All Zoom links will be posted to our social media accounts prior to the meetings.  

Earn Priority Points through Clubs and Activities

To earn one (1) point: Members must attend a minimum of 50% of club/organization meetings for the semester and 50% of club/organization activities.

To earn two (2) points: Members must attend a minimum of 50% of club/organization meetings for the semester and 75% of club/organization activities PLUS the community service event.

To earn three (3) points (executive board only): Officers must attend 50% of club meetings for the semester and 100% of club activities including community service. If executive board members do not complete all of the requirements to earn three points, they will be eligible to receive up to two points based on the above criteria.

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